How to Heal Dry, Rough, and Overworked Hands

Are your hands your livelihood?

Whether it’s typing, lifting, holding, moving, or hammering being able to work with your hands pain free is important to many people. Each day everyone’s hands have to deal with harsh elements, impact, and other small trauma but this is even more pronounced for those who earn a living with their hands.

We are talking about doctors, nurses and other hospital personnel that wash their hands frequently, flight crews that spend many hours in extremely dry airplane cabins, construction workers who handle rugged tools all day long, seamstresses and tailors that need to work with smooth, clean and grease free hands, hairdressers who put their hands around people's scalp, neck and faces, chefs, teachers, truck drivers, artists, sculptors, etc.

For these people, having hand discomfort due to a skin crack, a hangnail or chapped skin is not only uncomfortable, it can slow down their work, make it unsafe, and even have negative financial consequences. 

Tailors, hairdressers, carpenters and doctors are some of the people that can have dry, overworked hands.

What causes dry and rough skin?

Our hands are the parts of our body that are most often in direct contact with the elements. We expose them to drying agents such as bad weather, water, soaps, dirt, chemicals, and the sun. Overexposure to these agents compromises the outer layer of our skin, gradually damaging it, so it cannot hold onto moisture. If we don't allow for skin renewal, the next phase that occurs is micro-cracking,  this makes skin even more vulnerable to these agents, as well as the attack of germs, which can accelerate dryness and aging.

LEFT: Healthy skin. RIGHT: Dry skin. Image from informedhealthonline.


What is the best way to take care of Rough, Dry And Overworked Hands?

Having a way to restore your skin and hands throughout the day and when you come home from work is integral to not only perform well, but to maintain your sense of well-being. Especially after a long day at work using your hands, you want to be able to hold your children, embrace your loved ones, and be able to enjoy your meals pain free.

One way to do this is by applying cream multiple times during the day: early morning, after lunch, in the afternoon and before bed. Your hands will feel more responsive, your movements will be more fluid, and you’ll be able to complete your work and enjoy your time at home more fully if you maintain the moisture and health of your hands and fingers.

RENUCELL is a light, non greasy cream that helps to keep hands moisturized at work.


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