Centipeda cunninghamii

The "Wonder Plant"

REnuCELL® contains a patented extract of Centipeda cunninghamii, a plant with proven anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that act simultaneously to produce a rapid dual-acting healing and skin renewal response.

Harnessing the power of nature

Healing Properties

Indigenous Australians used this plant as a cleanser and an astringent for cuts and abrasions, and to heal skin burns and wounds. In vitro trials showed significant free radical scavenging activity which protects skin from accelerated cell death.

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Healing begins almost immediately

Uniquely Powerful Extract

We have developed a set of Standard Quality Procedures to ensure the extract is always of the highest quality. PHYOXOLIN® is five hundred times more concentrated than the unprocessed dry Centipeda cunninghamii plant.

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Skincare Tips

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