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REnuCELL® minimizes redness, itching and swelling associated with skin problems, promoting an efficient healing process.

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What is REnuCELL®?

REnuCELL® is a restorative healing cream that helps to hydrate and rejuvenate dry, itchy and flaky skin. It contains the exclusive patented PHYOXOLIN® ingredient, a scientifically tested natural Australian plant extract that helps re-hydrate, revitalize and restore vitality to damaged skin.

icon-Natural Alternative

Natural Alternative

Contains NO salicylic acid or coal tar. Alternative to drugs, steroids and other synthetic ingredients.

icon-Safe to Use

Safe to Use

Specifically designed to provide an effective, safe, non-irritating, natural solution for problem skin.

icon-Absorbs Quickly

Absorbs Quickly

The cream soaks into your skin within minutes, leaving you with hydrated and renewed skin!

icon-Promotes Healing

Promotes Healing

Improves most damaged and dry itchy skin conditions and helps to maintain positive results.

A powerful Australian discovery with Worldwide patents

PHYOXOLIN® and its powerful anti-inflammatory property minimizes redness, itching and swelling associated with skin problems, and helps promote an efficient healing process. The reduction of repetitive inflammation allows skin to renew at the sub-dermal layer. The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of PHYOXOLIN® act simultaneously, producing a more rapid dual-acting healing and skin renewal response.

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"My skin before REnuCELL® was just horrible. It was dry, brittle, it hurt. REnuCELL® works, it has given me the confidence I've lacked the last couple of years. REnuCELL® made my hands feel usable again"

Richard S