Best Treatments for Itchy Skin


Itchy skin can be a complex matter to deal with, especially if it was not caused by obvious causes like an insect bite, a poisonous plant or the use of irritants like detergents, harsh chemicals, and inadequate products for the body. Your doctor will refer to itching skin as pruritus. However, there are so many types of it with so many causes, and so frequent, that we won’t have to examine thoroughly to get to an understanding and a cure. Even pregnancy can make your skin itchy. For these most frequent cases, there are a series of actions you can take immediately to cure the itch, unless it is accompanied by more serious and worrying symptoms.

Once you have itchy skin, what you should NOT do:

First of all, learn how to avoid worsening the itch or the irritation. There are some common sense measures that will provide you with significant relief and prevent you from making it worse.


When you scratch, you break the tissue and prompt your skin to work harder to restore itself. The blood rushes to the scratch and worsens the irritation or inflammation. Thus, all the activity going on in there will just enhance the itching and give you more trouble (read more).


Believing that the more you wash the affected area, the quicker the itch goes away. That is not true, because you will only worsen it if you use such cleaning agents on it. Most soaps on the market are rough with your skin, strip it of its much-needed protective oils and expose it to harming factors. Additionally, you should stop applying any perfumed lotion or skin care product that contains fragrance, because it’s a strong irritant.

What you should do to help relieve your itchy skin:

There are a variety of over the counter options available to you. These treatments are available in most pharmacies or places that sell over the counter treatments like Target.


When the itching is severe, do like many others and get a strong antihistamine product available over the counter. A pharmacist will tell you more about the existing options. Be careful though, as antihistamines have a sedating effect. You may want to use them before bed only. Despite their side effects, people prefer to take them for the fast relief they provide.


Many conditions that create itching respond well to hydrocortisone. These include:

  • insect bites
  • hemorrhoids
  • contact dermatitis
  • poison ivy reaction
  • allergic dermatitis

Hydrocortisone products are even recommended when the affected area is covered in delicate skin or is located on your face. Generic formulas are highly effective. While it works really well,Hydrocortisone can dry your skin severely if you overuse it . Calamine lotion is also anti-itch and helps you with the conditions mentioned above. Other creams contain numbing agents: benzocaine and lidocaine, effective with sunburns, various skin irritations, and insect bites.


Honey, chamomile tea, licorice extract, colloidal oatmeal baths are good for itchy skin . Though it may take a while to see the improvements, but it will work on several levels. Your skin will become more hydrated, which will soothe the itch and eliminate dryness, the cause of many skin problems. It will also be better nourished, because those products contain a fairly nice range of minerals and vitamins which are good for the epidermis.


REnuCELL® is a good option if you want to use the healing power of plant extracts. It helps you achieve skin healing through dual action antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. You can use REnuCELL® as often as needed, because the ingredients have no side effects. Being safe to use, it can be your trusted aid whenever you are facing skin rashes, redness or itching.


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