REnuCELL®, immediate relief for itchy skin

I must say I am impressed with RENUCELL. This product is doing as much to heal my skin as the previous prescription high strength topical steroids have been. And has the obvious benefit of not having steroids in it "Hostage67" Verified Purchase at

I am not a real big Lotion fan. In fact I generally hate lotions because of how slimy they feel. I have such an issue with topical ointments and creams that even prescription medications aren’t usable for me, I have to get a foam based version.


Having just received the product I can’t say anything about long term effectiveness yet, but hopefully the following information is still useful to anyone looking at this…

  • It does actually absorb very quickly. It does not leave behind that slimy feeling you get with most lotions. It absorbed in a matter of maybe 10 seconds.
  • Even having just applied the cream on my elbow when my arm is resting on the desk it doesn’t slide all over the place like it does with other lotions/creams. There is just a tiny bit of give due to the lotion, probably not noticeable by most people.
  • Skin where the lotion was applied was almost immediately much softer and silkier feeling. If you are using this to address issues with dry skin, I could see this working very well for that application.
  • Smell isn’t overpowering, but has a definite herbal smell to it. I think I would prefer no smell, or a sweeter smell, but it’s not bad.

Overall I would recommend this lotion/cream. It seems to work well without all of the normal side effects of slimy/oily feeling skin. Also please note this bottle is relatively small. 2.5oz is not very much. If you are planning to use a large amount of this for your legs or whole body regularly then you may want to look into a larger bottle.



I must say I am impressed with this. This product is doing as much to heal my skin as the previous prescription high strength topical steroids have been. And has the obvious benefit of not having steroids in it. This is one of the few creams I can use without feeling slimy, it immediately relieves itching caused by dry skin, and quickly starts to heal the skin. With only a single use, my skin already feels significantly better, and not just shortly after using the cream, but days later the skin still feels significantly better. And while my skin is in such bad shape that it will clearly take more than one application to actually fix it, there is a noticeable difference even after just one use. Not only does it help heal nearly as well as my prescription steroid foam (Olux), it has the added benefit of making my skin feel silky soft as well.

If you have any sort of skin issues related to dry skin (or perhaps other issues as well) I would highly suggest giving this a try. The 2.5oz tube isn’t a ton, but it’s plenty to get a good idea if this will work for you or not.I still prefer a foam over a cream, but this is significantly better for me(ie no slimy feeling) than most other creams, and it has the added benefit of being over the counter, and not having any steroids, yet still working nearly as well as those that do.





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