How to Heal Dry, Rough, and Overworked Hands


Whether it’s typing, lifting, holding, moving, or hammering being able to work with your hands pain free is important to many people. Each day everyone’s hands have to deal with harsh elements, impact, and other small trauma but this is even more pronounced for those who earn a living with their hands.


About Our Free Samples

Our main goal as a company is to help people find the right skin care routine and be part of this routine. Therefore, we offer a set of free soothing samples of REnuCELL, upon filling and submitting a simple online form on the website The free samples package contains two 5ml sachets that easily open by folding the top part.


What is Flaky Skin?

Flaky skin is almost always dry, thus making peeling an effortless process. While it can affect many regions of the body, the facial region is most commonly affected. It is most unsettling to have flaky facial skin, as such a condition has been known to lower one’s self-esteem and confidence. Public appearances become impossible as flaky skin is unsightly altogether. The peeling process is exacerbated by the pain that is most often encountered by individuals that feature flaky skin.


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