Relief for burned skin

In our mission to bring relief to people who suffer from skin conditions, we get encouragement from customers that take their time to share their stories and even pictures with us. Each time that we learn that our cream is helping someone, we feel that our job is worth.

Here is an great story from someone with delicate skin that burned one of his limbs, and used only RENUCELL cream to treat that area. The family was amazed by the results, and shared a before and after picture on our Facebook Wall along with a 5-star review. We are sorry that the "before" picture is blurry, but you can get the idea on how bad the burn was, with exposed tissue, and bad scares. In contrast, the "after" picture shows the same area a few days later a in a good recovering path.

Here is the transcription of the original review on Facebook 

"It was amazing my husband had eczyma and I bought for that but the day I received cream he was burned very bad. I have taking pics every five days. He is diabetic too so we put alot of faith in renucell and the have a great product untouched by any other cream we have tryed"

Posted by Andrea Martinez on Friday, August 28, 2015

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