Astonishing results in a little more than a week

Before & After image of Penny Burns legs with small quote about Renucell

"I could wear shorts and sleeveless shirts again!"

“I’ve had Spongiotic Psoriasis for the last five years. It covers my entire body sparing only my face. I have been to several dermatologists that have prescribed light therapy and or steroidal creams. The lamp cost $3,000.00. The first steroidal cream prescribed was Clobex which costs $495.00 for 4 oz. I was prescribed another steroidal cream, C-triamcin/Cerave, this worked well for a few weeks and then I was back to my scabby self. I found Renucell. The results were astonishing. I had significant results in a little more than a week. No itching, no redness, healing of the lesions and no new ones. I could wear shorts and sleeveless shirts again! As a woman and personal trainer, skin is such an indicator or good health. My psoriasis is chronic but I know that Renucell will help me manage my condition without the harsh side effects from the prescription drugs and medications. Thank you!”

-- Peggy Burns C.P.T. C.P.F.

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