Light wounds, burns and scrapes heal quicker

This is verbatim the message we received from Martin Wilson, one of our customers, as a testimonial to his belief in our product.

"I was a believer before finishing my first samples. I'm not an ointment or lotion user and never have been. My parents couldn't get me to use a sunscreen! It took my wife considerably longer to admit the many benefits of using ReNucell though, when she started seeing a rare case of psoriasis clearing up after the dr prescribed ointments weren't working, she became more willing to try for other reasons too. Light wounds, burns and scrapes heal quicker with less scarring. I still use antibiotic creams under a dressing, but ReNucell is there too. The small quantity for the price leaves me waiting for specials and sales, but there is always a spare bottle in the cabinet to ensure that we don't run out. This lotion is amazing for it not only helps dry skin, but oily skin as well. It helps the healing process with just about anything although I resist using it on any serious injuries as a doctor is seen if it's serious, anything not requiring professional scrutiny and ReNucell is the remedy for our family. It also seems to be very adequate dealing with insect bites and stings. There is one more thing I'd like to mention although I'm sure there are many more, and that is "a dab will do you." The cream/lotion spreads evenly and goes a long way, absorbs well, all without the greasy oily residue left behind by everything else. My touchscreen phone and tablet can attest to that. Five out of Five stars!"

Martin Wilson


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I realized how much I need and use Renucell when I ran out! Since COVID-19 my hands have been especially dry and my face can become hot and red after wearing a mask for extended periods of time. Renucell is the best product I have used for dry skin, chafing and I think it has helped to reduce fine lines on my face as well. BONUS!

Kimberly Coppola December 02, 2020

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